Welcome to my practice. I offer therapy for individuals, couples, and families who are struggling with stress, depression, anxiety, and parenting difficulties. While my primary specialization has been in working with families in divorce, I continue to work with a broad variety of clients of all ages and backgrounds.

My approach to counseling is cognitive-behavioral and solution focused. Sessions are conversational, pragmatic, and focused primarily on the here-and-now. I help people develop self-awareness of the thoughts, feelings, and actions that contribute to cycles of problematic situations and moods. I lead people to explore possible solutions to their unique situations.

 For families who are going through divorce, I offer counseling for children and adolescents as well as mediation and consultation for parents.

Adam Furchner, Ph.D.  provides divorce mediation and therapy in Portland, Oregon

In Collaborative Divorce, couples who have decided to end their marriage work with a team of professionals to avoid the arbitrary and uncertain outcomes of court litigation and to achieve a divorce settlement that best meets the specific needs of both parties and their children. Collaborative Divorce focuses on settlement, and addresses communication dynamics. It offers a more healthy and effective forum for the resolution of the couple's divorce issues.

As a child specialist, my role is to:
1.  Provide each child with an opportunity to voice his/her concerns regarding the divorce.
2.  Provide the parents with information and guidance to help their children through this process.
3  Give information to the parties and the Collaborative team that will help the parties in developing an effective co-parenting plan for their children.

Portland Collaborative Divorce is a group of the highest-quality professionals in Portland offering support for families going through divorce and other family conflicts. We provide legal, emotional and financial support to help families with a peaceful divorce. We help you avoid the stress and expense of going to court. We are here: Portland Collaborative Divorce Website

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Information about Collaborative Divorce


Parenting plan guide for infant and toddler children...here

COVID 19 UPDATEI am open and seeing clients. All sessions are conducted remotely at this time unless otherwise arranged prior to your meeting.

  • Parenting of children or teens
  • Co-parenting difficulties after divorce
  • Parenting plans for infants, toddlers or children with special needs
  • Helping children thrive post divorce
  • Developmental or educational difficulties in children

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I provide consultation for individuals and parents who are looking for guidance in many areas. Consultation is confidential and tailored to your needs as a family.

Parenting Plan Mediation

Adam Furchner, Ph.d. in Portland

Therapy Services

Adam Furchner, Ph.D.

Mediation is a consensual, cooperative, confidential process in which a skilled neutral professional facilitates the reaching of a negotiated resolution to various kinds of disputes. My role in mediation is to help parents keep focused on the needs of their children, and to offer solutions to the difficult problems that may arise during your work together.

A typical divorce scenario involves a negotiation process that is emotional and traumatic for both parents and their children. However, mediation offers you  an alternative to traditional litigation..It is my job to help parents understand the new roles that result from a divorce by listening to the needs of each parent helping them reach consensus. With a mediation approach to divorce, emotional issues are resolved more quickly, more creatively, and at a lower cost than with traditional litigation.

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