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Common Insurance and Billing Questions

  • Will I be able to bill insurance for my session?

Mediation sessions generally cannot be billed to insurance

Parent Consultation and Co-parent Counseling generally cannot be billed to insurance.  

Individual Therapy and Family Therapy sessions can sometimes be billed to insurance.

Therapy sessions can be billed if there is a designated client with a psychiatric diagnosis, and the session can reasonably called treatment for that  diagnosis.

  • Are you a member of my insurance panel?

I am not a member of any insurance panels at this time.

  • Do you bill insurance for me?

We will bill your insurance company monthly as a courtesy to you and will follow up with them to assist in getting reimbursement for services when possible. However, you are responsible to check with your insurance company regarding your coverage and to track this coverage as treatment progresses.

  • What should I ask my insurance company to see if I am covered?


Some things to keep in mind are: Are you currently covered? Am I a provider whose services are paid under this plan? What is your annual deductible? What is the percent of coverage? What is the maximum benefit for outpatient mental health coverage? Remember: You are responsible for the entire bill whether the insurance pays or not.


  • How much do you charge for sessions?

Mediation: $200 per hour.
Consultation: $175 per hour

Co-Parent Counseling: $175 per hour
Individual and Family Therapy: $175 per session